About us

Just Teesin's founder, creator, and operator, Jordan Bentle

Jordan is the founder and owner of Just Teesin', a local custom design t-shirt shop located in the small but homey town of Sweetwater, Tx.  She has always had a love for creating a world full of color and happiness through her many art forms and her love shines through in her business.  As a self-taught designer, Jordan got her start as an apprentice in a local graphics company where she learned the basics of design and production and found her passion for bringing people's ideas to life.  Her knowledge and skills have grown tremendously since her business got its start in 2014.  She takes pride in leading her business and living her life with a servant's heart.  When she is not designing or pressing shirts, you can find her spending quality time with family and friends or indulging (ahem! GLUED) in some TV fantasy.